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Dec. 2nd, 2004

american dream by: suziebr

"my worst brings out the best in you..."

okay black angus was mucho yummy. then we came here and watched tv (like always!). um then we made out and he touched my boobs. haha i feel like im in 7th grade.

oh before we went to dinner, i bought two tickets (for jeff and i) for KWODs twisted christmas show (the used, my chemical romance, taking back sunday, papa roach, the donnas). he was so pumped! he wanted to go so bad, but didnt have anyone to go with and plus he thought it was already sold out (being that the concert is a week from today), but it wasnt! and its general admission, so it wasnt like there were only crappy seats left. now we just gotta get there early to get a good seat and were good to go.

im freakin tired man.

omg im going brunette tomorrow. i am so nervous! but its just hair so whatever.

oh i got a new shirt tonight at abercrombie and two new bras. fun stuff.

okay im out.
american dream by: suziebr

"snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes...."

okay, as you know, koup and i have already planned our schedules for next semester, but i decided to go to ratemyprofessors.com anyway, to see if i wanted to change anything based on their grades.

my humanities teacher-easy grader, interesting lectures, easy a
my psych. teacher-isnt on the site
my math teacher-funny, helpful, sometimes confusing (but the person who said that took a higher math class than im going to take)
my child development teacher-basic, not very in depth, busy work
my communications media teacher (who i already have for film history)-easy homework, grades on a curve, easy a

so im not sure about psych, although i enjoy it, so im sure it cant be too bad regardless of the teacher and i expected my child development class to be busy work, in the same way that it was in high school. so i think im pretty set.

my mom and i are going shopping today at like 2:30. were gunna get some more presents for my dad and use that gap coupon we got. oh yeah, jake came and got his jacket the other night, so i dont have to return that anymore. i do, however, need to put the money he gave me into my checking account.

umm...not much else is new in my boring life! oh except, jeff and i are going to black angus tonight, so thatll be fun.

now i think im gunna go to ratemyteachers.com and see the ratings of some of my teachers that i had in high school. wow, im a nerd.

Dec. 1st, 2004

american dream by: suziebr

"ego trips is not my thing.."

well today has felt like quite a long one. but now, it is essentially over and for that i am glad.

i didnt do tremendously well on my eating today, BUT i went to the gym and burned 330 calories on the elliptical, so im not too worried about it. plus, my period should be here, like, tomorrow, so im probably retaining mucha agua.

omg it is december 1st! christmas is arriving! ay ay ay!!!!!!!!

ummm, so i have a research paper for my english final and its pretty much done, but if anyone wants to give me any suggestions or what not, feel free to do so.

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Nov. 30th, 2004

american dream by: suziebr

"opening the wounds and taking me apart again..."

so i was only online yesterday for a total of 30 minutes. damn my hectic life, keeping me from my precious internet! haha jk...sorta.

so that math assessment test seemed easier than last time, but i know there were definitely some i got wrong. i honestly want to be in the dumb math. i mean, if i barely make it into the regular one, ill struggle so much, you know? and then ill get a shitty grade. so, id rather be in the lower one to sort of refresh my brain and then ill be good to go for the other one.

koup and i planned our schedule for next semester (assuming we got into the lower math) and were gunna take 17 units. are we crazy or what? the reason is that the lower math doesnt count for anything, not even as an elective or anything (because the number is below 100), so we hafta work pretty hard to be able to get done in two years (without taking summer school).

were planning on taking: american humanities, psych 300, math 30, a child development class, and an online class. its called communication media, but heres the description: Survey of the mass media: history, philosophy, structure and trends, as well as theories which help to explain effects and the importance as a social institution. Exploration of economics, technology, law, ethics, and social issues, including cultural and ethnic diversity. Not open to students who have received credit for JOUR 310. i think itll be kinda interesting and i know itll be easy, because the teacher for it is my current teacher for film history and hes really easy.

it shouldnt be too bad, because i dont think any of the classes are really hard, theres just a lot of them. well, not more than i have now, but 1 more unit. and itll be nice that we have all the same classes, because then we can help each other and stuff and do our online class together.

umm not much is new. last night after class, jeff, caleb, and i went to koups. we played trivial pursuit 90s edition. it was really hard! and it took forever, but it was fun. well except for the fact that caleb was being an ass most of the time and he and koup kept fighting, but thats really nothing new.

i dont think ill see jeff again until thursday. :( im sure well talk before then though.

weight-wise and food-wise, im doing horribly. im back up to 112.5 and i just cant stop eating. granted, my period should be coming like today or tomorrow or something, so i know that has a lot to do with it, but it still sucks. ive had about half a poppyseed muffin for breakfast and im not planning on eating lunch. i have class from 1-3:50 so thatll keep me from eating, but we dont always have class for the whole time. actually, we rarely do. if it doesnt go for the whole time, im gunna go tanning afterward. it doesnt take that long, but any amount of time away from food is good! i really need to get to 108 and then 100 and then 95 so i can be happy!

wow this is a pretty long entry. see what being away from my computer and lj can do to me? haha.

i really need to go write more of my english research paper. ugh.

Nov. 28th, 2004

american dream by: suziebr

"what will happen next? i dont wanna know.."

My journal is called This is me because my journal is about me. duh.

My subtitle is take it or leave it because its my journal and if you dont like what i say, you dont have to read it!

My friends page is called Sexy People because my friends are sexy and i like to overuse the word sexy. :)

My username is princessjenni04 because im a princess, my name is jenni, and i graduated in 2004. wow, i am so interesting.

My default userpic is currently britneys legs in ripped jeans because im obsessed with britney and destroyed denim.

My name is listed as jenni lynn because its my name and im boring like that.

i went tanning and im probably gunna be working there come january! yay!

i hafta take a math assessment test tomorrow. not fun! oh and i made my hair appointment. its for friday, because the time she had available thursday didnt work for me. and i also register for classes friday after 4pm.

okay im done now and no more updates today!
american dream by: suziebr

"im dreaming of a white christmas, with every christmas card i write..."

You are Lo!

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x-nay on the sushi!
american dream by: suziebr

"i, i, wanna be bad, you make that look so good..."

so i went to bed at like 9:30 last night. am i a loser or what? having no friends is quite a drag sometimes. dani worked until close and then her and cj probably did something. i called her at like 6:30, but she never called me back. she sent me a text message at 10:50 (i was already asleep, i got it this morning) saying she was sorry for not calling me back and bla bla. im sure she called caleb! ugh.

i havent talked to jake in days. i kinda like it this way, because when i talk to him and hang out with him, i miss him (even though i know i shouldnt). i mean, i miss not being his friend, but he puts everyone else before me, which i think is crap. i already have one friend (dani) who puts people in front of me, i dont need more than that.

oh, speaking of jake, my mom and i are going to the mall on thursday to get some more stuff for my dad and to use a gap coupan thing we have (we didnt use it when we went friday, because its only good dec 2-5) and im gunna return the jacket i got for jake. ive given him plenty of time to come and get it and give me money and im tired of waiting around, dammit! ill let him know i am doing that on thursday, just in case he decides to get his act together, but if not, peace out!

so im gunna try to go tanning tonight. hopefully ill just go straight from work or something, so that theyre still open. oh and i still need to make my hair appointment. i wanna make it for thursday, so ill make it for the morning sometime, so my mom and i can go to the mall after she gets off work (around 2). im doing it all dark brown and im kinda nervous! oh well, its just hair, right?

im freezing (surprise surprise!). okay i guess ill go now.

Nov. 27th, 2004

american dream by: suziebr

"watching every motion in that foolish lovers game..."

umm i didnt go tanning, because it was 6 by the time i got done eating dinner and they close at 6 on the weekends. whiteness is oh-so flattering, dont you think? oh and speaking of dinner, i ate way too much and none of it was good for me (but hey i didnt cook it!). fatness is flattering, too!

now im just bored as hell. koups at work, but i dont think shes gunna wanna hang out, she probably already has plans with caleb. jeff is at work until close (10:30 or 11) and, well, i dont have any other friends.

itll probably be a nice date with me and my tv. oh joy!

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american dream by: suziebr

"its christmas time in the city..."

im at work and its oh-so-joyous! its freezing and boring, like always.

a rough draft of my 6-8 page research paper is due wednesday and ive only written a page and a half so far. i hate writing! it really isnt too terribly hard, but its just time consuming and not very fun.

woke up weighing 112.5. it just keeps getting higher, kids! joy joy joy! the gain could have something to do with the fact that i went to the gymn last night, but it sucks nonetheless.

i didnt eat breakfast and i dunno if ill be able to eat lunch (it all depends on whether or not my afternoon floor person shows up). i think im going tanning this evening after i eat dinner. ill only be able to go for like 10 minutes without burning, but its a start. i also need to make my hair appointment sometime today, because thursday is rapidly approaching and that is the day i want to do it!

man, i really dont wanna go back to working on my paper, but i have nothing else to say and i finished the book that i brought. :/

Nov. 26th, 2004

american dream by: suziebr

"you wear those shoes and i will wear that dress, oooooh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight..."

yes, another entry.

from bubblebobble's journal:

You Are the Cranberry Sauce

A little sweet, a little sour - you've got the flava!
Though, you do tend to squish in people's mouths...

umm just got back from the gym, where i burned 325 calories on the elliptical. im getting back on track kids!

oh and im over whole gloomy thing i had going on in my last entry. me and jake are done; he doesnt want me and im really excited for what the future holds for jeff and i. i always think about a lot of things while im at the gym, and its usually about me and jake and how shitty things are and wah wah. well, tonight, i thought about jeff and i and how i cant wait for it to be christmas break so he and i can spend a lot more time together. i really think this is the beginning of something good.

okay, no more updates until tomorrow! xoxo

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