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american dream by: suziebr

December 2004

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american dream by: suziebr

"Ain't wanna do it, but now I got to pop my collar
You actin like y'all real tough act to follow
I got medallions the size of a half a dollar
And about to buy my best friend a beauty parlor
I know y'all don't wanna see Kim on top
Please stop worryin about what I got
What the fuck y'all know about the Yonker Rock
When I'm cookin, keep your hands out my pot
Them boys ain't bad and ain't no bitch greater
Stop tryin to use me as a respirator
I'm the same bitch on the escalator
And I still ain't got no time for you fuckin haters
I might start my day at Piarage'
Or with a Mafia meetin at the Brooklyn Cafe
'Okay, y'all wanna play?'
Like 9/11, you gon' remember this day"

i love you, lil kim.

i had a presentation in my business class (the televised one!). it went well, but it was nervous, because its on TV and i think my face was red but what can you do?

yeah and im almost done with my film paper, which im quite glad about. ill probably finish it tomorrow morning before class and ill be good to go!

nothing to say really, other than im going to the gym tonight like a good girl. and my period should be gone by tomorrow, so maybe ill weigh less? thatd be divine.


oh the class is always televised. it wasnt a speech, per se, more of a presentation (a group one, thank goodness).
i hate public speaking, even group presentations make me nervous
oh me too, beyond belief!