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american dream by: suziebr

December 2004

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american dream by: suziebr

"your love, oh Lord, reaches to the heavens..."

convo between jeff and i (hes on his cell, im on aol):

princeSSSjenni04: i wrote you back last night, but maybe you didnt get it again. and i also called you after you didnt respond and it went straight to your voicemail :-(
HIM: I got this msg. My fone sucks. I still never got it last nite tho
princeSSSjenni04: maybe at your house sometimes you cant get them if you dont have reception, it used to happen to me a lot
HIM: How was yer day?
princeSSSjenni04: it was okay, really boring. how was yours and hows work?
HIM: Got a couple more hrs left but its been ok
princeSSSjenni04: right on. miss me? jk
HIM: Defntly.miss Me?
princeSSSjenni04: of course! you know what i dont know what to get you for xmas :/
HIM: What?
princeSSSjenni04: for christmas...you
princeSSSjenni04: or are we not doing that?
HIM: Doin what?
princeSSSjenni04: christmas presents
HIM: Oh yeah, im down
princeSSSjenni04: we dont have to if you dont want to
HIM: I want 2
princeSSSjenni04: you didnt sound so sure, but its up to you, k?
HIM: I do. I will call u in 1 hr if thats ok?
princeSSSjenni04: of course it is. call my house line though, k?

so...i guess we are doing xmas presents, but i feel like he isnt too fond of the idea or something. i wish i knew if i was even able to call him my boyfriend. like, i know he isnt dating anyone else, but i dunno. i havent even gone to his house yet (aside from in like 3rd and 4th grade when i was best friends with his sister and 9th grade when i went to his sisters bday party).

boys are mucho confusing.

omg im fucking freezing.

oh i went tanning and im starting to see the difference! yay for that, huh?

i want these shoes: ($63)
but, im poor right now. if i order them by dec 10th, shipping is free! i get paid the 8h, so maybe ill order them that day or the next.

m k. im done. ill update tomorrow, im sure.