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american dream by: suziebr

December 2004

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american dream by: suziebr

"its the happ, happiest season of all..."


its so fucking boring and ugh. plus, pat (the main agent in this office), basically told me she hates me hair (although in much kinder words). i look much better as a blonde and its too dark and bla bla bla. hmm...did i ask for your opinion? nope!

im just in a grumpy mood i guess. i just dont want to be here and im tired and on my period and just not feeling the greatest, you know?

it was one month ago today that jeff and i went on our first date. i wonder if he knows. i wont get to see him until tuesday though, which sucks really bad. but were going to go see closer, which im quite excited about. i think it looks really good.

i think im going to go tanning after work, and tomorrow after work, im going to go to the gym. skinny and tan, yes please!

i didnt have breakfast, but im pretty sure ill be able to have lunch, because the floor person scheduled for the 12-3 shift is usually pretty reliable.

all i really have of school is next week (and i dont even have to go to english monday or wednesday, because were having conferences for our research papers-mine is monday at 8:20 and theyre only 10 minutes long), and then monday and tuesday of the following week are my finals, and wednesday morning i just have to go to english and turn in my research paper. THEN IM FUCKING DONE FOR A MONTH! you have NO idea how excited i am!

what sucks, though, is that for the month that im off, i wont have any homework to do at work. i mean, yeah, homework sucks, but it takes up some of my time. now, ill just be sitting here even more than i already do.

hopefully, ill be getting the job at the tanning place come january. i think i have a pretty good chance, but you just never know! if not, ill start getting apps for restaraunts and the like.

i still dont know what to get jeff for christmas. i hate shopping for boys!

damn, i am so tired.


im sorry, but no matter WHAT, even if you hate someone elses haircut/hair style/color of their hair/etc.. you should never say anything negative about it if they like it. its just plain out rude. i've had that done to me before when i've gotten hair cuts or put my hair a certain way, and its just ticks me off. sorry she had to say anything to you. =/

good luck with shopping for boys & for that tanning job!
yeah, i completely agree. even if you dont say it rudely, its still rude.

thanks love!
haha i really think youre right! and yes, too bad for them!<3


i bet you look great with dark hair. but then im the natural blonde who prefers to have dark hair. and as with the first commenter, only bf/gf can tell eachother when they dont like the others hair choice *L*
for sure. thanks!