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american dream by: suziebr

December 2004

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american dream by: suziebr

"she talkin bout freakin out..."

um one quick thing-
i know i really shouldnt be mad about this, and im not mad, just like i dunno. anyway, koup and jake hung out last night. fortunately, it wasnt just the two of them this time, because koups friend nikki was there, too, but its not like nikki would care if they were flirty or whatever toward each other. im grateful that koup told me this time, but i dunno it still kinda sucks, because the last time i hung out with jake koup was there, too, you know?

ugh. whatever.


I would be annoyed that she hung out with him too... it breaks the "unspoken rules of a best friend," I think.

I'm sure there isn't anything going on, but I would still be peeved over it. Did you talk with her about it?
well last time it happened i said i was mad mostly because they tried to keep it a secret from me, so since she was up front about it this time, i think itd be contradicting for me to get mad at her about it, you know? im pretty sure there is nothing going on, and even if there is, there isnt anything i can do about it, right?