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american dream by: suziebr

December 2004

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american dream by: suziebr

from now on....

(banner made by _cagedreamer)

you know the drill.


i've been thinking about doing that to mine... but then certain entries i dont care about. nicebanner though :)
thanks! i didnt make it but you know. im debating on whether or not i should go back through all my entries and make them all f/o, but there are so many that itd take forever.
I'd love to be added .....

When I made my journal friends only, I went through my old entries during downtimes at work. It made the day go by faster, but it was very tedious.
good idea. yeah ill add you in a sec.
Keep me!
oh i will, im not deleting anyone, dont worry!
hi we're in a few of the same groups, and you seem intresting, add me?
i dont have a ton of friends, but i kinda like it that way (so i can keep track of everyone)...im sorry!<3
Hey, we're in body_obsession and mkaolsen together, I was wondering I u could pleease add me because I LOVE reading your posts. And don't worry, I don't really update this journal, I only use it for communities, so you don't have to worry about having to keep up with my entries. Please add me, I really look forward to reading your posts! <33
okay, added <3
I love reading your posts.. i feel like i practically know you! please add me!! =D
you never comment or anything plus i already have a lot of friends. im sorry
am i still going to be on your friends list? i hope so! you're very interesting and always have so much going on compared to boring old me! :)
you never were on my friends list, i thought you just read the entries?
oh, oops! i didn't know that. would you mind adding me to your friends list? i always enjoyed your entries!
well i have a lot of friends now and plus ive had this entry up for a long time and youve just now commented, its been days!
okay then. i mean, i saw when you had posted it but i assumed i was on your friends list. but then after a few days of you not updating i thought that was weird so i thought i would look into it more. had i known i wasn't on your friends list i would have commented right away. but if you don't want me on your friends list, i guess i won't beg you. it was nice knowing you...
im sorry man!

Join Juicy*Icons?
yay for starving teenage-moms!

mm. i wish i were as skinny and pro-life as you, girl. and that i shared your love for the enigmatic and slowly disappearing duo that is the olsen twins. anorexic celebrities, man..
i came across you in some community, and i randomly clicked on your profile and it said 'abortion is homicide'

honestly. don't you want to be in control of you own body? do you think pregnant teens should have to ruins their lives for the sake of fucking fetususes? a womans right to choose if she wants to carry her baby or not is one of the greatest rights she has.

and i dunno. i guess i just girls who love mk and starve themselves.
well i am in control when i choose to either not have sex or to use protection.

i dont starve myself, and really, its none of your business.

way to spend your time picking fights with random people on lj!
do i have to block anonymous posters in my blog now?
i'm not adding friends at this time, but if i decide to start again, i'll be sure to let you know!

I think u'd totally fit in this comm.!!
I'm in BO with you.
Can you add me?
I used to read your posts all the time. :(

i'm not adding people right now, but if i decide to again, i'll let you know, okay? xoxo
i just saw your journal randomly and your gorgeous! and u wear really cute clothes! you seem cool add me? <3 Shayy!
aww thanks, that's super sweet! i'm not adding new friends right now, but if i do again, i'll let you know!
i am not adding anyone new right now, but if i decide to in the future, i'll definitely let you know! ♥

JOiN :)

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  • Re: add me?

    i'm not adding people right now, but if i decide to in the future, i'll be sure to let you know!
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    Add me?
    you seem realyl cool!
    add me?
    hii, would you add me? xx
    i'm not really adding anyone at this time, sorry

    like nicole richie? like icons? check out n_r_stillness
    Hey, I'm Rachel.
    I saw you on the 'Friends Meme' on Dolci.
    We have a lot of the same interests.
    I added you, add me back?
    sure! i'll add you back right now ♥
    babygirllll! it's discoglamour under a new account, add me back!
    added backl ♥