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american dream by: suziebr

December 2004

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american dream by: suziebr

"cuz i get what i want and i like what i see..."

i decided not to go to the gym on account of the fact that i have very little gas and hate getting gas at night (and need to be able to get to school tomorrow-ill get gas after my english conference). i am, however, going to go tomorrow night after accounting. i ate too much today, but is that really a surprise?

i am so ready for school to be done for a month! i cant wait to see dee (she comes back next weekend!) and spend more time with jeff. its gunna be tres lovely.

speaking of jeff, he called me on his "lunch" (i put it in quotes because he calls it that, but its at dinnertime) break today. we only talked for like 15 minutes, but it was nice. i feel like were starting to have more of a real relationship, because we talk on the phone on days that we dont get to see each other now. although itd be nice if he had aim (he had it but then deleted it because his computer is crap and has too much shit on it), i think its for the better that he doesnt, because it forces me to have real live conversations. i cant just bring up stuff on aim like i did with jake, which is scary for me, but i know itll be good in the long run (like when we have real issues).

im really full and its gross.

im glad i only have my english conference tomorrow and not the whole class. i never really have that class again. the only other time i hafta go is next wednesday when i turn in my research paper, and were only gunna be in there for like 30 minutes. so sweet.

im really bored.

omg im so excited to see closer tuesday evening with jeff! and wow twisted christmas on thursday! its gunna be super fun!

i need to finish my film paper thats due tuesday. well, technically its due no later than dec 10th, but i only have that class once a week (tuesday) and i really dont feel like trying to hunt him down some other day. plus, itll be better for me to get it over with sooner rather than later.

i want a digital camera really badly!

i want to write more, but i dont really have anything else to say. so, more tomorrow, i guess!


i want a new digital camera too! anddd i don't know what else to say lol but i felt like commenting <3
i dont even have an old one! :( its okay, comments are nice, even if they arent much!