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american dream by: suziebr

December 2004

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american dream by: suziebr

"theres noooo way out, no way out..."

omg so my hair! big change, but i love it! my mom hates it, but thats only because she thinks i need to be blonde forever. oh and dana only charged the haircut portion of it as $12, even though haircuts are $30. what can i say, she loves me! (the total for all of it was $62, which is so good compared to the $100 it usually costs for highlights and the like)

i just registered for my classes and got in all of them, so that pumps me up! and i used my moms credit card to pay for them and filled out the form to get my parking pass (now my mom just has to write a check and mail it in). and the last step (aside from showing up) is to get my books.

i think i was gunna say something else, but i gotta go because my mom wants me to go to folsom with her.



i bet your hair looks hott <333. glad it worked out so well!

have a good night <3 and congrats on getting all the classes you wanted!
haha thanks, i really like it. <3
ahh I love the feeling of 'new hair' heh...what color did you get?
so do i! its like a really dark, choclate-y brown color.
sounds great! :)
thanks! :)
How fun! I love changing my hair!
haha me too!