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american dream by: suziebr

December 2004

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american dream by: suziebr

"i know a girl with a golden touch..."

so caleb pisses me off so bad. well, you already knew that, but he did it again today. well wait, did i ever post in here about the fact that he blocked me on his aim buddy list for no reason. we didnt talk and fight or anything, but the other night jake told me to read calebs info and i was like hes not online. and hes like yeah he is. but it didnt show up on mine and i couldnt check his info or anything, so yeah. but now heres more...

princeSSSjenni04: did you get my messages last night?
dani18kate: about the movie?
princeSSSjenni04: si
dani18kate: yeah i did i havbe to check at work today i forgot to take the schedule home with me
dani18kate: and i'll ask boy
dani18kate: he doesnt work on tuesday
princeSSSjenni04: oh okay right on
dani18kate: o yeah i think i do work actually
dani18kate: cuz i have practice on monday
princeSSSjenni04: but until 7, right?
princeSSSjenni04: so ther 725 would be a good idea
dani18kate: yes!
princeSSSjenni04: m k
dani18kate: i'll askhim tho
princeSSSjenni04: k
princeSSSjenni04: he probably will say no since he hates me
princeSSSjenni04: haha
dani18kate: he jsut goton
princeSSSjenni04: sweet definitely blocked me
dani18kate: he doesnt want to go he doesnt want to see that movie
princeSSSjenni04: omg why does he always have to be difficult
princeSSSjenni04: its not like everything he wants to do you want to do
dani18kate: i know
dani18kate: oh well
dani18kate: maybe i'll see it with my butt!
princeSSSjenni04: well i really wanted you guys to come
dani18kate: i know me too
dani18kate: and he already found ppl to go to transiberian
princeSSSjenni04: oh instead of jeff and i?
princeSSSjenni04: sweet
princeSSSjenni04: im sorry but he is so fucking rude
dani18kate: well you guys said you coudlnt go
princeSSSjenni04: yeah
dani18kate: hes not rude!
princeSSSjenni04: okay he hates me for no reason, wont go see a movie you want to see
princeSSSjenni04: nope hes real nice
dani18kate: the reason why he doesnt like to play with you is because you talk crap about him
princeSSSjenni04: thats ridiculous i dont talk crap about him unless he does something rude to you or in general
dani18kate: yeah but i guess he doesnt like it
princeSSSjenni04: well whatever
dani18kate: sorry i dont want to get caught in the middle
dani18kate: u guys should talk about it
princeSSSjenni04: well you know maybe if he didnt block me we could
dani18kate: well he'll unblock you if you want to talk
dani18kate: brb'
princeSSSjenni04: no
princeSSSjenni04: he shouldnt have blocked me in the first place thats just rude
princeSSSjenni04: k
dani18kate: you guys dont talk anyway
princeSSSjenni04: we used to
princeSSSjenni04: dude whatever its just not fun for having some one hate you and block you for no reason at all
dani18kate: yeah i know i have been in the boat before!
dani18kate: i dont know what to say , sorry.
princeSSSjenni04: its fine i guess well never hang out or anything until he leaves or whatever
dani18kate: thats not true!
dani18kate: i can still hang out with you and i want to!
princeSSSjenni04: well maybe just tuesdays
princeSSSjenni04: yeah but he wants to hang out with you everyday!
princeSSSjenni04: and he hates me so that leaves me out for everyday haha
dani18kate: yeah but we're not hanging out taht much anymore
dani18kate: but i have to go to work we can talk about it later if you want
dani18kate: ummm waht are you doing tonight?
princeSSSjenni04: yes you guys do
princeSSSjenni04: i dont know i thought you had a soccer party
dani18kate: yeah but we're not going to anymore
princeSSSjenni04: right
princeSSSjenni04: haha
dani18kate: yeah i get out at like 8 is that too late to hang out?
princeSSSjenni04: no
dani18kate: yeah ok
princeSSSjenni04: you guys say that all the time dork
dani18kate: are you playing with jake?
princeSSSjenni04: why would i be?
dani18kate: i know but maybe this time its for real?
dani18kate: i mean jeff!
princeSSSjenni04: say that everytime
princeSSSjenni04: oh haha no
princeSSSjenni04: not that i know of he works until 9
dani18kate: o alright
dani18kate: how was last night?
princeSSSjenni04: good
princeSSSjenni04: he touched my boob
princeSSSjenni04: scandalous?
dani18kate: not huh!
dani18kate: yeaaaaaaah!
princeSSSjenni04: yes huh
princeSSSjenni04: haha
dani18kate: OMG!
dani18kate: that's innnnnsane
princeSSSjenni04: i know funny huh
dani18kate: haha that is funny
princeSSSjenni04: dont tell cj i dont want jeff to get mad that i told
dani18kate: while you guys were jue like making out or somethig?
princeSSSjenni04: um yes
dani18kate: haha i wont
princeSSSjenni04: k
dani18kate: thats scandalous
dani18kate: was it fun?
princeSSSjenni04: i know dude it is
princeSSSjenni04: yeah for sure
dani18kate: :-):-):-)
princeSSSjenni04: good thing he didnt try to do anything else though because my friend is herer haha
dani18kate: wait what?
dani18kate: oooooo
princeSSSjenni04: period
dani18kate: got it
dani18kate: lol
princeSSSjenni04: haha
dani18kate: got it
princeSSSjenni04: have fun at work
dani18kate: yeah idk where mine is but i guess i'll find out>
princeSSSjenni04: haha yeah
dani18kate: what do you want to do tonight?
princeSSSjenni04: i dunno
dani18kate: alright want me to just call you when i get home?
princeSSSjenni04: yeah
dani18kate: its freeezing
dani18kate: ok love
dani18kate: ttyl!
princeSSSjenni04: i know man
princeSSSjenni04: OMG
dani18kate: what?
princeSSSjenni04: im dying my hair today
dani18kate: o yeah!
princeSSSjenni04: haha scary
dani18kate: what time?
princeSSSjenni04: 2
dani18kate: lol
dani18kate: you cadn come into work and show me if u want
princeSSSjenni04: okay
princeSSSjenni04: i will for sure
dani18kate: alright love, have a good one!
princeSSSjenni04: you too
princeSSSjenni04: bye xoxo

(oh the thinkg that she said about transiberian is that they bought like 6 tickets to go see transiberian orchastra and jeff didnt want to go, but after i got the twisted christmas tickets he said hed take me to transiberian. well apparently caleb already found replacements (which im sure he was glad to do) even though it was only like 2 days ago that we said we couldnt go)

yeah anyway, ill have brown hair soon! i need to work on my film history paper more and then get ready for class, maybe ill write more later!